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Green Fees


18 Holes

NZ Affiliated $30.00
Non-Affiliated $50.00

9 Holes

NZ Affiliated $20.00
Non-Affiliated $35.00
(Under 18 Years)
Junior - 9 Holes $15.00

Green fee prices effective 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018


Discount vouchers also available (to be purchased on day 1 of play)

2 day pass (18 holes per day) Affiliated $55.00 / Non Affiliated $95.00
2 day pass (9 holes per day)$37.50 / Non Affiliated $65.00 for nine holes.
3 day pass (18 holes per day) Affiliated $80.00 / Non Affiliated $140.00
3 day pass (9 holes per day) Affiliated $55.00 / Non Affiliated $95.00
1 month pass $85 plus additional $10 for every round (18 holes) to be played.(For guest who are in Hanmer for more than 2 weeks).


Hanmer Springs Thermal PoolsGolf and Pool Package!

A perfect way to relax in the pool after a round of golf

NZGA Affiliated Member

Round of Golf and entry to Pools - $45.00

NZGA Non-Affiliated Member

Round of Golf and entry to Pools - $65.00

*Bookings essential and to be done through the golf shop via phone 03 3157110 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
*Package is per person, not transferable and cannot be used with any other offer.


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Guidelines for Happy Golf

  • Prams or pushchairs NOT PERMITTED ON COURSE
  • Footwear: Boots with heels or multi-dimple shoes NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • A Reasonable standard of dress required
  • Please use no.1 tee unless directed
  • Eftpos & credit cards welcome
  • Slow Play: please give way to faster players
  • Maximum of 4 players per group
  • Sharing of clubs not permitted
  • When office unattended, please use box provided

Happy Golfing!

Local Rules

  1. Out of Bounds: All ground beyond the line of the inside edge of the fence post (at ground level) and/or markers painted white, marking the golf course playing area. Any ball crossing the road dividing the course.
  2. Trees: A staked tree that interferes with a player's stance or swing, the ball MUST be dropped without a penalty in accordance with rule 24.2(b).
  3. Water Hazards: Water hazards are indicated by yellow stakes and lateral water hazards by red stakes. The margins of the water hazard are the natural limits of the hazard where the ground breaks down to form the depression containing the water. In the case of ditches it is the edge of the ditch. The boulders at the lateral water hazard at the 18th are in the hazard.
  4. Please... Replace all divots - Walk quickly between shots - Respect players in front - Let faster player through - Do not loiter around greens.


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133 Argelins Road, Hanmer Springs, 7334

Ph: (03) 315 7110

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